August 30, 2009

I saw a red leaf today

I'm on a quest to find the beauty here in northern new york. it won't be hard to do. this place is it's own tinybutwonderous sanctuary to the realms beyond, only masquerading as the here and now. Living here all my life I'm sad to say I've begun to overlook so much of what this area has to offer. In too many ways I've traded the beauty for boredom, being frustrated and letting myself feel dull on Friday nights with "nothing to do". Oh, there is plenty to do! A few years from now I may no longer have a river to sit by, a clear sky to stare into or thousands of acres of woods to wander through. Then I'll be longing for one more day (just one more day!) back in this land of rushing waters.

Life goes fast. I'm young, but I know this much. And I'm tired of wishing I was somewhere else doing something else with some other people. Right now, I'm here, so here is where I'm going to be, knowing full-well I won't be here much longer. I want to leave knowing I know this place, and that I lived it.



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