May 24, 2010

Lake Charles, LA

It's at least 90Degrees and HUMID HUMID HUMID every day here in Lake Charles but after the initial shock of ceaseless sweating, I've grown to like the heat. It reminds me of Ghana. Especially in the morning.
Building houses for hurricane victims is something I never had on my "dreams" list, but I really love it. I enjoy construction far more than the seemingly destructive tasks of parts of our last project. The men we work with are truly incredible- patient, kind, hard-working, loving, skilled.

How to delve into all that's been happening with me..

I've settled into being here (THE PROGRAM.. if I write the name of THE PROGRAM the higher-ups will find my blog, and we don't want that now do we!) and have found myself really enjoying the daily regimen of life this (Second) round. We live within a barbed-wire topped fence surrounded by a trailer park in our own double-wide with 6 sets of bunk beds, a sink/toilet room, and a tiny kitchen. And even this, this crazy, extreme closeness, I am finding enjoyable.

Last night I sat out on the picnic table with one of my teammates and shared half of a small, old cigar. The goal was to ask each other 20 questions. We only got through 2 in the hour we sat in the thick air: we talked about sex and we talked about Jesus. And my heart burned. And I felt alive.

I've been spending more time letting the LIFE flow into me... be it through the Word, through music, through sitting and waiting, going to any and every church I can find.. I'm so hungry for life.... life.... life.

He has me. I know He does. Even this, this crazy Ameri-Stint. He's building within me a sometimes desperate hunger and appreciation for His presence.

I'm not nearly as impressed by excellence as I am by anointing.. by the Spirit. I'm not so impressed by people anymore. I don't care so much about great music or great words. I just want Jesus. Give me Jesus. Just give me Jesus. Give me a room full of the presence of God, and please, please don't make me leave. I just want to be there.. for a very, very long time.

And this too is all a part of what He's building within me.
I have this assurance that one day very soon God is going to release all of this... all of these experiences.. all of the accumulation of His Spirit in my life. For right now this is it for me. For right now I work and serve my country, giving daily to people I didn't have any idea existed a few short months ago. For right now it's good.

(and for whatever comes next I am oooo excited!)


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