March 16, 2014

I Told You

First, I must join the masses in a deafening chorus, begging please, please... I can't be cold another day. I can't slip every time I raise my eyes from the pavement beneath my salt-stiffened winter running shoes. But look, Spring is coming! No, that's a blizzard. You will shovel for two hours - 15 degrees, 30 mph winds. You will give up and use your neighbors driveway to plow your spent Subaru the rest of the way to the road that looks more like a trail. God bless the humans who walk their happy dogs daily. I'm ready to pay to live in California - where the avocados are 5 for $1, the pumellos quench your thirst, the artichokes run rampant The waves have no sense of self-preservation - crashing, repeatedly. No mercy. You never stop. You never give up. It's maddening. You're maddening. And brilliant. And I can't stop thinking about you, the way you whistle, you sing, and always have something to say. I want to hear it all. Let's have a cup of joe and chat awhile. I'll just sit here quietly. Come a little closer, please. I'll stay right here. You make me still... not many things do. Las Trampas, San Francisco, Dungeness Crab, Berkeley, Big Sur Highway 1. Three years ago my master plan was thwarted. I'm glad it was. But the dream is alive again. I've caught the scent of the ocean, the taste of the sea. I know again The best part is, I'm not alone this time.

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