January 14, 2009

Thank you, public health =)

one of the most colorful, brilliant people i know is in manila (philipines) right. now. for two MONTHS! it makes me want to go run around with cameras to our faces, snapping shots of stray dogs and fruit trees and little boys in rags. if i was there, of course.

i got five shots today, three in my left arm, two in my right. let's just say i won't be praising the lord with quite the same enthusiasm as usual for the next couple days haha!

yellow fever- $95
hep. A- $30
polio- $35
flu- $30
typhoid- $65

malaria pills- $175

(my goodness, saving the world is expensive!)

but i believe..
ooo goodness, i believe!

**thousands of other thoughts which i will spare you all**



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